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Are rural roads really more dangerous?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Car And Truck Accidents

Drivers sometimes assume that the greatest risk they face is when they are around the largest number of other drivers. After all, any of them could make a negligent mistake. All it takes is one driver to commit an error that leads to a car accident. Therefore, driving through a big city feels the most confusing and the most dangerous.

But statistically speaking, if you look at the fatality rate on rural roads, it is higher than what you’ll find on city streets. This means that rural roads are technically more dangerous because they lead to more fatal accidents and more severe injuries every year. Why is this true?

Speed differences

One of the biggest factors to consider is just the speed at which the vehicles are traveling at the time of the crash. In the city, with lower speed limits, two vehicles may only be going 30 or 35 miles an hour. That car accident is less likely to be fatal than if two vehicles crash at 55 or 60 mph. All other factors of the accident could be exactly the same, but the speed determines the severity.

Another issue to remember is that transporting injury victims to the hospital is often fast and efficient in the city. In some cases, it may take just minutes. But it could take hours in a rural location, where it takes time for the ambulance to get to the scene. This delay in care can mean that someone passes away from injuries – like internal bleeding – that they would have survived if they got into an accident closer to the hospital.

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