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Music may be a distraction in the car

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Car And Truck Accidents

Do you listen to music in the car? If you’re like most drivers, you do it at least occasionally. Many drivers listen to music on almost every single drive that they take.

While listening to music in the car can be enjoyable and it helps the time pass, especially on a long drive or a boring commute, it can also be a distraction. In some cases, it can change the way a person drives and make an accident more likely.

Changes to driving behavior

Some studies have found that people are more likely to be distracted when listening to music that they enjoy. They may become so focused on the words or the beat that they’re not paying as much attention to the road.

Additionally, some types of music can actually change the way that a person drives. If someone is listening to music with a beat that is over 120 BPM, for instance, they may be more likely to break the speed limit.

Getting lost in thought

Listening to music can also contribute to a phenomenon where drivers get distracted simply because they become lost in thought. These aren’t people who are looking at the phone or sending a text message. They’re holding the steering wheel and looking at the road, but they’re still distracted because their mind is wandering.

With music, the driver’s mind may not be wandering entirely. But if they are focused on the song, singing along and listening intently, then they are not focused on driving the vehicle.

Have you suffered injuries?

It is certainly not illegal to listen to music in the car and, as noted above, it is something that many drivers do with a fair amount of consistency. This means that accidents and injuries will happen. If you have been hurt by another distracted driver, you need to know if you deserve financial compensation for medical bills and related costs.