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3 overlooked causes of auto accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Car And Truck Accidents

Many car accidents happen because a driver was drunk, they were speeding or tailgating or because they were looking at their phones. There are common causes of auto accidents that are often reported online or on the news. Many people understand how these actions can lead to auto accidents.

However, there are some small things people do all the time while driving that can lead to auto accidents. Here’s what you should know:

Getting fast food

Nearly every driver has gone through a fast food restaurant at least once. They’re quick and cheap, which is likely why they are so alluring. However, having an open bag of hot food and a cold, fizzy drink in the car can cause people to eat while they drive. 

Eating and drinking is a kind of distraction. Distracted driving is a large cause of auto accidents. For example, a driver may become distracted while they look away from the road and take a hand off the wheel to unwrap a burger or open a straw for their drink. 

Changing the radio or AC

Another kind of distraction while driving is changing the radio or AC. Most people don’t realize just how dangerous these actions are since every modern car has a radio and AC. However, drivers often have to free one of their hands to change the setting of their radio and AC. A driver may even focus more on finding the right radio station rather than focusing on the road.

Driving while drowsy

Drowsiness can come at the worst times. While it may be inconvenient to be sleepy while watching a movie or working, it can be dangerous when a driver becomes drowsy. Drowsy driving is possibly just as dangerous as drunk driving, because drivers may have a harder time focusing on the road and judging distances. A drowsy driver could even fall asleep behind the wheel. 

Victims of auto accidents may need to reach out for legal help if they are seeking compensation for injuries and losses.